La Grèce Contemporaine (Annoté) (French Edition)

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By Salma Abdelnour. By Jay Abercrombie. By George Aberigh-Mackay. By Aberjhani. By Mark Abley. By Edmond About.

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By Terry Abraham. By David Abram. By Natia Abramia. By Isabel S. By Anna Maria Abushama- Rademaker.

Auguste-François Maunoury

By Dean Acheson. By Peter Ackroyd. By Harold Acton. By Joe Adamowicz. By Arthur G.

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By Noah Adams. Davenport Adams. By Sierra Adare. By Leslie Adatto. By David M. By Ade. By George Ade. By Pauline Adema.

By Harry Ades. By Leonard M. By Ron Adkison. By Ernst Aebi. By Ivor Agyeman-Duah. Home Books New York. New York.

Pline L'Ancien Histoire Naturelle

Items Per Page: 15 30 60 Year Newest Pub. Check box to include out-of-stock items. View: Grid List. An overview introduces readers to the area's geological history, followed by detailed narratives of 18 hikes. For each hike the authors explore a geological theme, focusing on aspects of the canyon's evolution that are particularly well-illustrated along its length. Basic information such as trail length, elevation change, and difficulty level starts each chapter. The author chronicles her return to Lebanon after leaving the war-torn country at the age of 9 and living the the United States for 30 years.

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Explores the linguistic characteristics and oddities of some of the world's threatened languages, including Max, Mohaw, Yiddish, and Boro, and the diverse forces that threaten to destroy them and the cultures that spawned them. Using the published and unpublished accounts of 19th-century British travelers in the Rocky Mountains, Abraham formerly head of special collections and archives, U.

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You will discover that the Georgians will not let you down. The basilica of the Acropolis 7. The palace of the kings of Amathus 8. The agora and the inner basin 9. The fortifications of the town The outer harbour The area Products : The pottery Products : The terracottas The School Who are we? Horaires d'ouverture. Ovid's presence in contemporary women's writing : strange monsters Fiona Cox Oxford : Oxford University Press , Roberts Oxford : Oxford University Press , Dirty love : the genealogy of the ancient greek novel Tim Whitmarsh Oxford : Oxford University Press , Gounaris Athens : Epikentro Publishers , copyright Konstantinova et G.

Centeno, Thomas Galifot Ordinary Jerusalem : opening new archives, revisiting a global city edited by Angelos Dalachanis and Vincent Lemire Leiden : Brill , copyright Coronatus in regem Hungariae Culture and inequality : immigrant cultures and social mobility in long-term perspective Hans Vermeulen Amsterdam : IMES , Karapidakis Nicosie : Centre de Recherche Scientifique , Tauris , Turkey : a modern history Erik J.