Building Services Engineering Spreadsheets

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Laddas ned direkt. Building Services Engineering Spreadsheets is a versatile, user friendly tool for design calculations.

ISBN 13: 9780419226208

Spreadsheet application software is readily understandable since each formula is readable in the location where it is used. Each step in the development of these engineering solutions is fully explained. The book provides study material in building services engineering and will be valuable both to the student and to the practising engineer. It deals with spreadsheet use, thermal transmittance, building heat loss and heat gain, combustion analysis, fan selection, air duct design, water pipe sizing, lumen lighting design, electrical cable sizing, at a suitable level for practical design work.

Building Services Engineering Spreadsheets

Commercially available software, while very powerful and comprehensive, does not allow the user any facility to look into the coded instructions. Basic Electronics. Sean Westcott. An Introduction to Digital Photomicrography. Brian Matsumoto.

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Building Services Engineering Spreadsheets by David Chadderton.

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Building services engineering spreadsheets

As well as introductory material and the underpinning theory, practical guidance is provided in the form of sample calculations and spreadsheets. New material includes: trends and recent applications in lowering the energy use by mechanical and electrical services systems, heating, cooling and lighting of buildings case studies modelled from post-occupancy reports to provide realistic discussion topics examples of the use of photovoltaic solar panels, chilled beams, under floor air distribution, labyrinths, ground-sourced heat pumps, district heating and cooling, energy performance certificates, energy auditing and wind turbines outlines of the concepts of global warming, carbon trading and zero carbon buildings.

A significantly expanded companion site offers over 1, self-test questions, powerpoint slides for lecturers, and an instructors' manual, enabling the rapid generation of lectures, assignments, and tests. This is the ideal textbook for students of building services engineering, as well as a comprehensive guide for those about to start work.

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