A Gift of Puppies

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The joy they bring into our lives on daily basis is good for the soul.

Sad, but true, many puppies and dogs given as gifts end up in shelters. This is even more true of dogs and puppies given as gifts during the holidays.

New dogs in the home take lots of time, lots of attention and need lots of guidance. Even more so for puppies!


Considerations Before Giving a Puppy as a Present

First, have the discussion with your loved one about the benefits of having a dog and ask….. If the answer is yes, then ask if your loved one can financially afford the costs of raising the dog. If your loved one is game for a canine companion, do research together and choose a dog whose energy, personality traits and grooming needs fit their lifestyle. Once the newness wears off and the child is back in school, the responsibility most always falls to the parents.

10 Great Gifts for Puppies and the People Who Love Them

Dogs are social creatures and thrive when living indoors with their family. Early crate training is an excellent way to help a new dog or puppy with housetraining and for preventing inappropriate chewing while learning how to live indoors with humans. If you choose a puppy, is your loved one ready to give the puppy that middle of the night potty break?

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It may be a few weeks before your new puppy will be able to hold his bathroom needs all night. She told me we were going to visit several homes with litters of puppies and she wanted to get me a puppy for my birthday. However, it was up to me to choose which puppy I wanted for my b-day. It started with a visit to a home with 5 black Labrador Retriever puppies…adorable each one of them.

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Then a stop at another home on over an acre of land with 7 yellow Labrador Retriever puppies…irresistable, tubby little things. Finally a litter of 12 Golden Retriever puppies all living in a tiny little condo…so cute to see them run ramped in a tiny little space. I decided that it was to big of a responsibility to decide in such a short period of time. I read that book twice before we went out to look at another puppy. If you really want to get your honey a Valentine Puppy how about trying one of these alternatives:.

Of course you do lose the WOW factor, but I think you can live with that.

10 Great Gifts for Puppies and the People Who Love Them

A few other things to keep in mind. Choose one of the alternatives instead. Do you know someone who has gotten their girlfriend a Valentine Puppy? How did it turn out?

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